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Welding-table Model: Stainless steel

Made in Germany

Stainless steel welding table (Standard configuration with grid of holes on 4 sides)

  • stainless steel welding table
  • stainless steel welding table
  • stainless steel welding table
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Your Advantage – Time saving

With its grid of holes, the stainless steel welding table offers new and versatile possibilities in metalworking. In addition to the simplified manufacturing of single objects, the welding table also offers advantage in the manufacturing of small batch series. The welding table ensures rapid and precise processing options of simple 2D-Construction (building of railings), but above all precise working on more dimensional objects. At first glance, the visible grid on the surface of the welding table shows rectangularity of assembly groups. Time intensive work, such as measure and angle exact arrangement of individual parts, is substantially simplified, and machining of objects becomes almost unnecessary.

Your Advantage – Standardisation

The distance between the holes follows the standard of 100 mm (center center drilling). The diameter of the holes in the grid measures exactly 28 mm. For this reason, the usual accessories available on the market, can be used. The visible lines of the grid is also 100 mm x 100 mm.

The accessories, such as screw clamps etc. can be purchased in any welding specialized trade.

Your Advantage – Quality

The stainless steel welding table has a surface of 2000 mm x 1000 mm. The working height is adjustable as required from approx. 860 mm to 960 mm. The stand consist of rectangular tubes 80 mm x 80 mm x 5 mm. The table has got a total weight of approx. 500 kg and has a load capacity up to 2000 kg. The stainless steel plate is 15 mm thick, and supported against twisting by a circulating flat steel bar (185 mm x 15 mm). Furthermore the lower surface of the table with flat steel bars – 120 mm x 15 mm – which are set in the distance of 800 mm, becomes additionally strengthened. Welding arrears on the surface can be removed easy; the use of commercial parting agents is recommended.

Your Advantage – Economical

Low manpower and storage expense, as well as the use of CNC-controlled manufacturing, permits the economical production of the welding table

V2A 1.4301 2000 x 1000 x 900 3.890,00 EUR

Shipment and packing are omitted at pick- up by customer.

Your Advantage – Extensions, accessories, customisation

In the past years we have created and added different extensions and accessories to meet the various demands of our clients. We offer here the most request for your individual customisation.

Heavy duty castor wheel:

Welding table heavy duty castor wheel

Adjustable in height, wheel equipped with interlock, every wheel has a load capacity of 600kg, 4 wheels set:

€ 295,- (net)
Photo of heavy duty castor wheel

Extension short:

Welding table extension short

Dimensions: 500mm x 200mm
The stainless steel extension expands the welding table or supports vertical constructions on the table.

€ 395,- (net)
Photo of stainless steel extension

Extension long:

Welding table extension long

Dimensions: 100mm x 200mm
The stainless steel extension expands the welding table or supports vertical constructions on the table.

€ 495,- (net)
Photo of stainless steel extension

Construction bridge:

Construction bridge stainless steel

Dimensions: 1200mm x 200mm x 200mm
The construction bridge serves as vertical construction and clamping device or joints two welding tables to expand the working surface. The standard length of the construction bridge is 1200mm. In addition the construction bridge is also available in different length between 1000mm and 2900mm upon request.

€ 895,- (net)
Photo of stainless steel construction bridge

Tool Container:


Maße: 500mm x 700mm x 680mm
Der Werkzeug-Container sorgt dafür, dass Zwingen und Anschläge immer am richtigen Ort aufbewahrt werden, nämlich am Schweisstisch. Eine große Schublade mit 240mm Blendenhöhe und zwei Schubladen mit 150 mm Blendenhöhe tragen jeweils bis zu 80kg und bieten ausreichend Stauraum für ihr Zubehör. Die geschweißte und pulverbeschichtete Stahlblechkonstruktion ist mit einer Auszugssperre ausgestattet und hat ihr Zubehör übersichtlich im Griff.

€ 589,- (net)
Photo of Tool Container

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